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to avoid driving. how about the price of gas? hit an all-time high in california. the average price in the state is now $4.61 a gallon. beating the previous record set in 2008 by less than a tenth of a penny. a sharp price increase began earlier this week. it's blamed on reduced supply and a volatile market in part due to the chevron refinery fire on august 6th. a gallon of regular will cost you an average 4.68 in san francisco. it's 4.63 in san jose and oakland. prices throughout the state are expected to climb for several more days before finally leveling off. >>> a murder mystery in hercules where a woman was found dead last night in her home. her car stolen from the garage. police have no suspects and few clues in the killing which has left friends and neighbors stunned. here's the story. reporter: family, friends, rushed to this house on ash court, where police say a woman's body was found inside. >> i don't believe it until i come here. oh, shocking. is shocking. reporter: neighbors say the woman living here for 25 years was suzy ko and was supposed to pick her husband up from
with them on a couple initiatives. members of the california teachers association joined with the governor in san francisco this morning to show support for proposition 30 that races taxes on high-income hawseholds to support education programs. the governor's message today is all californians will ben fit itch prop 30 passes. >> it's about kids and teachers and the credit rating of california. it's about social harmony. it's about hope. and it's about those who have been most blessed to have an opportunity to give something back. >> are also campaigning against prop 32, which they say will limit teacher participation in the political process. >> bay area drivers are working around this weekend's closure of the san mateo bridge. there's a live look. a commuter's dream. if only the bridge were open. caltrans crews replacing a seismic joint on the western end of the bridge, and also replacing 12 slabs of concrete, and teams are working around the cack clock. caltrans says the project is on target for the 5:00 a.m. opening of the bridge monday morning. to navigate around the closure, downtown
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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